Vanguard Up!

Unity of Theory and Practice - African People's Socialist Party 2020 Plenary

A Call to the First Plenary of the Seventh Party Congress

VANGUARD UP! – The Unity of Theory and Practice

In the political climate of today’s world, where a desperate imperialism is attempting to obscure its loss of credibility and authority, political and ideological clarity is more important than ever.

Imperialist instability abounds. Contests between the great powers is one indicator. China and the U.S. are the dominant actors in this drama. A post-Soviet revitalized Russia also contributes to the challenge of U.S. global hegemony and the existing U.S.-defined global order.

Prior political arrangements throughout Europe are being torn asunder. The entire imperialist system is undergoing radical economic reorganization due to the political pressures brought about by peoples fighting to rescue themselves, their families and their futures from white domination and its imperialist progeny.

The contest between these and other forces helps to unleash and exacerbate struggles in an Africa increasingly seeking solutions not tethered to traditional colonial restraints. On one side are the masses of our people, the workers and poor peasants. On another side are the neocolonial class and their governments.

Terms from a distant past are reemerging in the popular lexicon, attempting to fill the vacuum created by the defeat of the Black Revolution of the Sixties, a time when revolution expressed itself mightily in almost every language in almost every place on the planet as the main trend of the world.

Today opportunists and other adherents of imperialism bandy about words like socialism and revolution. Many also attempt to preempt revolutionary mass African revolt by declaring themselves advocates of reparations.

Dead revolutionaries and defeated revolutions have become the refuge of opportunists and imperialist ideologues who would rescue the language of the defeated revolution as a weapon against the people’s struggle for forward motion.

It is this atmosphere, roiling with great revolutionary potential on the one hand and bald-faced opportunism on the other, that informs the First Plenary of our Party’s Seventh Congress.

“Vanguard, Up! The Unity of Theory and Practice ,” secures the custody of our revolution in the hands of its trusted, most capable, experienced and politically mature Advanced Detachment.

We are saying that words alone are not enough. Declaring oneself a socialist, a revolutionary or anti-imperialist is meaningless in and of itself. The achievement of socialism can only come about through the defeat of capitalism. To be a genuine socialist is to be engaged in struggle to defeat capitalism that owes its existence and success to colonial slavery.

To be a genuine socialist is to engage in the struggle to destroy the colonial pedestal upon which the capitalist parasite lives and thrives. To be a socialist in an era of colonial capitalist rule is to be a revolutionary, consumed by the struggle to replace the cruel colonial capitalist state with the state of the liberated, armed African working class.

There must be practice that is informed by advanced revolutionary theory manifested in the real world by disciplined cadres of the working class Party. That advanced theory is African Internationalism, the theory of practice exemplified by the nearly 50-year history of the African People’s Socialist Party.

The Party’s Seventh Congress, held nearly a year and a half ago, was the most important Congress of our Party since the First Congress of 1981.

This is the Call to all Party and Uhuru Movement members under the leadership of the African People’s Socialist Party to convene in St. Petersburg, Florida from February 1-3, 2020, for the First Plenary of our Seventh Congress.

Our response to the compelling requirement of our Seventh Congress for Party members to consciously assume the role imposed on our Party by history as the Advanced Detachment, Vanguard, of the African working class and forcibly dispersed colonized African nation, will be examined and improved on during this Plenary.

Since our Congress we have initiated the Regional Strategy for our work internationally. Effectively this strategy is a concrete implementation of the fight to occupy territory—Dual Power as a means of eroding the power and influence of colonial capitalism everywhere.

The Regional Strategy also provides the Party with the ability to escalate the development of leaders and leadership throughout the structures of our Party. The immediate growth of our Party will radiate out from regional hubs. Regional leaders will organize in every community, village, city, province and state, establishing local offices everywhere within the regions, mostly through our mass organizations, especially, but not exclusively the International People’s Democratic Uhuru Movement (InPDUM).

The development of our organizational, political and ideological influence is growing exponentially through the more than 50 economic institutions of the Party, especially in St. Louis, Missouri; Philadelphia, Pennsylvania; Huntsville, Alabama; St. Petersburg, Florida and Oakland, California.

Similarly, we are preparing for similar work in Occupied Azania and reorganizing our economic project in Houston, Texas.

All our mass organizations are involved in economic work as well. We fully recognize that a fundamental task of Our Revolution is clear unification between the Party’s economic and political work, indeed, in recognizing that the political and economic are one and the same.

In the short time since our Seventh Congress, we have run an electoral campaign for city council in St. Petersburg. In the process, we have achieved great expertise in extending the revolutionary, anti-colonial struggle of our people into the electoral arena. Thousands of people have been forced to recognize and address the issue of reparations to African people and a concrete approach to reparations that empowers the mass of African workers.

While we lost the actual election by a large margin, we won nearly ten times as many votes against the incumbent in our district than we did two years ago in a similar citywide race. We split the Democratic Party and literally talked to or communicated with scores of thousands of people. We reached so many who otherwise would not have heard our message and who would only know of the reparations issue through the colonial media, the opportunist presidential candidates or other liberals who are attempting to define the issue in a manner that liquidates its revolutionary essence.

One of the most significant revolutionary contributions of our Party over the years was to open up a new front of struggle at the height of the counterinsurgency war that defeated the Black Revolution of the Sixties.

This new front was the creation of the African People’s Solidarity Committee (APSC) in 1976 behind enemy lines among the white, colonizer population.

Since our Seventh Congress there has been an exponential leap in the growth of the anti-colonial solidarity movement under the Party’s leadership. The Uhuru Solidarity Movement exists in more than 130 cities and 30 states within current U.S. borders. USM is spreading and winning the demand for reparations and fracturing the reactionary solidarity of a politically backward, parasitic colonial population.

This First Plenary of our Seventh Congress allows our Party to come together and measure the success of our work and to fix all our errors. It is a part of the Party’s process that recognizes the unity of practice and theory by testing and improving our theory by actual practice.

Theory without practice is meaningless! Practice without theory is blind!

Vanguard, Up!

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