African People's Socialist Party 2021 Plenary

A Call to the Second Plenary of the Seventh Party Congress

African Workers of the World, Unite and Organize!

Members of the African People’s Socialist Party and Uhuru Movement from throughout the world will convene the Second Plenary of our 2018 Seventh Congress Feb. 6-9, 2021. The plenary will be held as a virtual event with the theme African Workers of the World: Unite and Organize!

The Party’s plenaries are held annually in the years between each Party Congress taking place every five years. The Congress is the highest body of the Party where leadership is elected by the members or their delegates. During this process the Main Resolution/Political Report from our Chairman Omali Yeshitela is debated and adopted along with resolutions from Party members, committees and constituent organizations.

Our Plenary is a gathering of the rank and file Party and Uhuru Movement members to sum up contradictions and assess our progress since the last Congress.

At a time such as this, when history is being compressed and developments that once took years to mature are sometimes unfolding within days, it is especially important for the whole Party to come together to determine the accuracy of our Congress analysis and our charted course.

This Plenary will also function as a rehearsal of sorts for our First International Congress that will convene in Occupied Azania (South Africa) in 2023. It will function as a unifying process consolidating all the Party’s rapidly growing work in Africa, Europe, the Caribbean and throughout the “Americas” in a common course accountable to a common structure and principles of organization.

The theme of our Second Plenary is “African Workers of the World, Unite and Organize!” This year’s theme reflects the urgency of our mission to win the total liberation and unification of Africa and the forcibly-dispersed African nation during this existential crisis of colonial capitalism most profoundly symbolized by the decline of the U.S. as the defining imperialist hegemon and enemy of the oppressed peoples of the world.

The African People’s Socialist Party provides the forcibly-dispersed and colonized African nation its own independent class-conscious revolutionary organization of the African working class. The existence of the Party of the African working class marks a critical milestone in the struggle to liberate and unite Africa and the globally-dispersed African nation. The world has not seen a movement to bring together all African people everywhere in one united national liberation movement  since the high tide of the Universal Negro Improvement Association (UNIA) or Garvey Movement more than a hundred years ago.

Since the defeat of our movement under the leadership of Marcus Garvey’s UNIA the struggle of our people has been fractured and reduced to a quest for democracy within the global colonial capitalist system. African workers everywhere have languished and suffered under the leadership of African petty bourgeois forces moving with varying degrees of militancy in almost every country, in Africa and abroad, depending on the depth of their complicity with their white power bosses.

At this critical moment in history, it is incumbent on our Party to step forward with all our might.

We must provide the leadership for the growing resistance of our people rising up throughout the world. Because of the presence of our Party the African working class is now capable of waging the necessary fierce class struggle that is essential within the contest for African national liberation. The unity of our struggle for democracy and national liberation must be secured under the organized leadership of the African working class, it’s vanguard Party.

The African working class is the only social force within the African nation whose interests cannot be satisfied with bourgeois democratic sops that stop short of total liberation. True liberation means consolidation of the proletarian African nation under the leadership of its advanced detachment. Liberation means the destruction of the European-imposed borders that separate and exploit our people and material resources in Africa and globally.

Liberation means that the actual African working people, the social producers of value in Africa and abroad, achieve social ownership and control of our resources and state power over our lives.

Everywhere the Party is located we are preparing to govern. We are the advanced detachment of the African working class poised to lead the next phase of our struggle to a revolutionary conclusion. This is the only way the unfolding struggle for democracy will advance to socialist revolution with the African working class becoming the new, temporary, ruling class presiding over social ownership of the means of production.

Our 2021 Second Plenary of the Seventh Congress is just one step in that direction.

The revolutionary intent of the African People’s Party was made abundantly clear in the Political Report to the Party’s 2017 Plenary held in St. Petersburg, Florida, U.S. This is a long excerpt from that Political Report that is worth repeating as an incentive to all Party and Uhuru Movement members to do everything necessary for the success of our upcoming February 2021 Plenary:

“Africans, a once free people existing within our own independent economies in Africa, have been transformed into commodities (first-capital) and producers of capital (first-workers) within a social system defined by the relationship between capitalist production and producers resting on a foundation of slavery and colonial domination of peoples and territories.

“National liberation serves the purpose of freeing Africans from direct foreign domination. However, direct foreign domination is not necessary for vicious, life- draining economic exploitation, either by foreign or domestic capital. National liberation under the leadership of the African petty bourgeoisie leaves in place a system of exploitation. African toilers, producers, continue to be exploited under the aegis of a domestic flag maybe, as in Libya, a Red, Black and Green flag.

“To be victorious, our revolution must take place under the leadership of the African working class. This is the role of the African People’s Socialist Party, the advanced detachment, general staff of the African working class.

“Only the African working class, aligned with other toilers, especially the poor peasants, has a stake in destroying the entire system of exploitation and all of its attendant structures, including the artificial borders that exploit Africa but function as the incubators for the reproduction of the neocolonial petty bourgeois class as a social force.

“Only the African working class is compelled to fight for the destruction of class society and the exploitation that produced it.

“Under the independent revolutionary leadership of the African working class, organized under African Internationalist principles, victory will mean the defeat of foreign imperialists and their domestic minions.

“It will mean that the toilers–the workers and poor peasants in particular–will become the new, temporary ruling class, the custodians of the means of production now owned and controlled by capitalists, mostly foreign.

“Liberation under the leadership of African Internationalist-informed workers, organized in the African People’s Socialist Party will mean the end of economic exploitation, and once the imperialists and African petty bourgeois neocolonialists have been crushed, the end of all exploitation.”

African Workers of the World, Unite and Organize!

Forward to the APSP Seventh Congress’ Second Plenary!

We are Winning!

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