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Unity of Theory and Practice - African People's Socialist Party 2020 Plenary

Starr, San Diego

Attending the African People’s Socialist Party’s Plenary in 2016 won me immediately to join the African People’s Solidarity Committee! The Plenary made absolutely clear that the Solidarity Committee is the only place for white people to stand in principled solidarity with Africans and other oppressed people’s liberation.


Shango Kofi Ntoyambaa, 24 years old; St. Petersburg, Florida

“I just sat and watched in awe all the work the APSP does for myself, my family and all African people. I usually just do security, but the plenary has inspired me to do even more. The plenary motivated me to learn more, so I bought three of Chairman’s books. I plan on becoming more […]


Elikya Ngoma, 23 years old; Haiti

“The African People’s Socialist Party’s 2016 Plenary was an event that I will never forget in my life. I knew that I would learn a lot about the party and the work that is being done, but I would’ve never imagined that I would’ve been so positively impacted. “It was so refreshing to be in […]


Mawuli Oteka, 24 years old; New York City

“Upon arrival, I had already been in full agreement with APSP theories. Going to the Plenary helped me connect with other Africans who are now my Comrades. The plenary allowed me to move from conscious to revolutionary because now I’m organizing with other Africans. It gave me the chance to ask questions in a safe […]